Water from air – Air to Water

Atmospheric Water Generator – Water from air

Imagine Creating Water from Air without electricity

We have designed a unique system that will make water from thin air. Our Design utilizes 5 separate design principals integrated into one working system.

With 35 year design experience in mechanical disciplines specializing in solar energy, refrigeration and air-conditioning, We designed a unique water condensing silo to extract water from air by using heat. Our unique design has no compressor making the unit the most economical water generator in the world today.

Our  machines suck the in air in, cools it down, in a silo and uses the condensation to create 100 percent pure water. It is then sterilised and filtered to produce pure and clean H2O.

Makine Water from Air  works on the basis of the humidity in the air arround us. The smallest machine can make up to 50 liters in 24 hours, and the largest one can make up to 2000 liters a day.

Why Drinking Water is a serious Problem

From the diagram below you can see clearly that of the total water available too us

97.41 % of all Water is salt water

2.59 % is Fresh water

1.984 % is Ice Caps and Glasiers

0.592 % is ground water

0.014  % is accessible fresh water

0.007 % is lakes

0.005 % soil moisture

0.001 % Rivers

0.001 % Biota( in living creatures)

0.001 % Atmospheric Water Vapor

water from air world water supply

The worlds water supply showing that 0.001% pure drinking water is available to us.

You may have witnessed heavy recient rainfall but the problem is this rain, picks up air pollution and then lands on the ground and picks up more  pollutants, such as sediments, nutrients, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers,animal wastes and other substances that enter our water supply as components of runoff and ground water, have increased in relative significance and accounts for more than 50 percent of the pollution in our waters.

Atmospheric Water Generator – Water from air